150% Into A Relationship

I was talking with a friend about how to teach a young woman not to put a 150% into a relationship. Men/boys don’t do that. Of course, I am speaking in generalities, but I think our culture teaches young females to do so. We tell them it is vital to be the sexiest, funniest girl around.

So a young woman has a boyfriend. She really likes him and puts a lot into the relationship. Meanwhile, another young woman also likes the guy and puts a lot of effort into her friendship with him.

As soon as the first young woman is not perfect, that boy will notice that other girl trying very hard and will see her as perfect. It’s not long before the first girl does not seem like a wonderful girlfriend but that second one has not appeared to him as human yet.

If it seems like I am leaving the blame off the male. I am not. He is in the wrong and a A@#hole. He is also only human. While it is disloyal to compare one person to another person, it is human nature. And I am not blaming either of the females either. I am just trying to explain the pitfalls of being female.

Not that I know. I am just exploring the pressure to compete that society puts on woman. With other women and with themselves.


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