Neurons that Fire together are slippery

Have you ever gone sledding where you are the first person down the hill?  Where you made the first path.  It is slow going and you don’t go too far without a lot of effort (this is a metaphor, so just stay with me).

You climb the hill over and over and go down the path you made.  It becomes easier and you go faster.  In fact, once the path is made, you usually don’t deviate from it.  The trip stays the course.

This is how our neurons in our brains wire together.  Neurons connect and make highways that result in what we do.  Now, our neurons already have these paths.  These are our habits.  So maybe the first thing you do when something happens is to see the worst-case scenario and get upset.

We must actively choose a different way.  This is difficult. Our brain wants to keep doing the same things.  Because the neurons have made the way easier by connecting.

So, we must make an effort to see things in a positive light.  It will not be easy going because the brain does not have a path for it.  But if you keep making the path, the way will become slick and icy (I may have taken the metaphor too far). Your thoughts will become more positive and then new neuron pathways will be created that leads you to solutions.

dog sled through a trail near a woods
Photo by Lars Ley on

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