Writing Is One of the Few Ways to Change

At a training for work, the person talked about how almost all of us operate on autopilot. We do not go through life intentionally. The training said 90% of brain function goes on in the unconscious brain.

In other words, we are going through life without intentionally changing and improving.

I was already aware that our behaviors are determined by our unconscious thoughts. So, our past events and reactions to them are within us and they determine our reactions. Which is a function of survival. If our minds have determined something is bad/dangerous, then we should not debate, we should just avoid.

But often, fear keeps us from what we want and need. We are alive, but not fully living.

What can we do about this?

We may declare our intentions and make a resolution, but our daily behaviors are habits.  We have done something so often that they become automatic.

We can develop good habits. If we can make meditation and good eating and exercising automatic, then these can replace our negative habits.

However, therapy is good for everyone. Someone asking questions to get a person to explore what caused their unconscious thoughts.

Studies also show that writing taps into the unconscious mind.  We all have thoughts lounging or running around in our minds.  Created by the creative side of our brains.  Writing uses more of our brain.  It requires the analytical, logical side of the brain to get involved.  It begins to organize our thoughts and explore them.  Eventually, we get to a state where the analytical brain accesses those thoughts hidden away.

That is my interpretation anyway.

Our minds are a messy house (some are messier than others).  Writing begins to make sense and organize.  Things get put in their proper spot. Unnecessary thoughts get thrown out (actually, that thought is untrue or unnecessary). 

Have you ever begun to clean your house and get so motivated, you want to be thorough? Eventually, you get to the closet and the basement. 

I believe writing eventually gets to the cluttered closet of your brain and looks things over and makes you ask why you are hanging on to that?

Think of the saying, Trauma gets buried deep.   Once down there hidden, it causes more problems, not less.  So, we must find ways to uncover it and let it go.  Think of trauma as mold in your basement. Bringing it out is not going to be pleasant, but its better than it staying down there and continuing to cause problems.

Writing is a great way to tap into your subconscious and have new helpful faults instead of holding on to old believes.

  While I am operating on my own patterns long established, writing helps me to keep moving forward. I write to uncover what drives people, but perhaps instead of just using it as fodder, I should be more intentional about living life.

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