Wisconsin Time Chapbook

I have many poems published in various journals and websites.  I have been at it at a long time. Like many poets, the poems came out as an extension of trying to work through a heartache or to celebrate a good thing.  Submitting poems for publication is a way to share your thoughts and your words that you have carefully crafted into the best order.

I say this as a preface to announce that people rarely get paid for a poem. Which is okay. People publishing poetry are most likely not doing it for a payoff.  They are most likely hoping to break even.

So when I was named the poet laureate of Oshkosh, I decided to collect some poems into a chapbook.  So that if someone wanted something to take away from a talk or a workshop they could.  So far, I’ve held a few open mics and I have simply given my Chapbook Wisconsin Time away.

This page is to maybe actually be an entrepreneur.  Entice someone to buy my chapbook (though this is not a stellar sales pitch).

The price is set low.  In the end, I just want to share some poems.   However, I am still proud of them.  Perhaps even more proud than than $3.99.

Wisconsin Time is a small chapbook containing poems about growing up in Wisconsin and then spending my adult years in Oshkosh, WI. These poems represent my childhood on a farm, the love of my family, and my adoration of the people I have met that wrote for the love of the written word.

ISBN: 9798460273751