Sheeple- Recently a man called a woman and her daughter that on their way into Walgreens. Because they were wearing a mask. A certain percentage of people are thinking. That’s because they are like sheep being led by the mainstream media. The daughter was immunocompromised. And besides the fact that wearing a mask affects him in no way, we should evaluate identifying people as sheeple.

Our Bias is being used by politicians to keep us in line.

Think first, who has influenced me to pass judgement on people and then educate/ridicule them. Did Fox News or a funny meme on Facebook convince me? This is both sides. Are you getting all your “Facts” from the Daily Kos or those other memes that tell you all republicans are racist. So many factions in America are benefitting from people seeking to confirm their own biases. This should be the true definition of Sheeple.

I say let’s consider how we can be wrong before deciding others are wrong. Before we look at the other side and say “The blind leading the blind.”

No one likes Gov. John Kasich right now. I think he has some wise things to say when he was on Bill Maher. Here is a link:


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