Behind Anger, Fear

What about the ones from Kenosha? Minneapolis? Atlanta? Detroit? And all the rest last year?  That is a common refrain after the storming of the Capitol.  I think its a great question to ask.

Many people were angry at black people during those protests. What was behind that anger? Fear. I saw it in Facebook posts. Now I consider those questions whataboutism. I would have some arguments that those protests were for good reasons.

But at the heart of the marches, was people upset that wanted to be heard.  A smal percentage got carried away and vandalized.  A smaller percentage wanted carnage.

Do you see where I am going with this? Anger was triggered and people got carried away on both sides. Leaders aside (Trump encouraged violence and Kamela Harris (despite what you think), people were the same on both sides.

So instead of defending the people that stormed the Capitol, lets identify that people are the same and can me persuaded to do extreme things.

So instead of spitting into your hands and preparing to fight Biden on his call for unity, let’s just try to lower the rhetoric. See that our values come first.  Instead of I do whatever I can do to win so that I can ensure my values.


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