Don’t Take Me as I am

I came across a meme this week that said (basically), “I’m tired of people saying take me as I am. How about, I’ll work on that?”

I am all for people being who they are. I want people to stand up against those people that want to remake someone else their ideal. To be clear I am not one of those baby men who do know that our culture teaches women to change who they are to make others happy.

However, this can also be an excuse to not improve themselves or even try.  We seem to be getting away from working on getting along with people.

Who says this more often?  The young woman who is pressured by a man to be prettier, more womanly, etc. or someone giving a response in an argument.

Men and women give this message that they are not going to change and you will have to deal with it. Because that is the trump card. It is the easy way out because the other person must change

In reality, people cannot just act the way they want to act and have a relationship with other people.  Because we are flawed. We have to work to understand and then care for the other person.

Of course, people, especially couples have un joinables.  Parts of their personality that do not mesh up and are a source of conflict. But we shouldn’t give up and say, take me as I am.  Because people don’t and move on or people do and never get to a good, supportive relationship.

Okay, tell people to accept for who you are. But tell yourself, I will work on that!


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