Double Down Dissonance

Firefly was a Tv series in 1992 that was a space western. It’s great. One of the episodes is about them being in a town of laborers and they have made one of the crew members their greatest hero. The problem is that Jayne is not a hero. He’s a thief. He tells the people he is a crook that accidentally gave them money from a crashing spaceship. He tells them they are dumb and he is not a hero.

The towns people quickly ignore that and continue their worship of him. This reminds me of some conservatives on Facebook. No, I’m not bashing religion, though this episode was. I see an interesting parallel; in when they get their Facebooks flagged for misinformation. They use the same machine that they could Google facts and post how Facebook is liberal and unfair.

They are confronted by cognitive dissonance and double down.


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