God only Works Through People

In the infancy of Christianity, it grew like wildfire. Romans persecuted Christians, but many people still converted to it. Because Christians had an impact on their lives. Christians were dedicated to helping people and taught that the poor were to be helped  There are mostly Christians that do good works, but too many of them … Continue reading God only Works Through People

Losing my Religion- Thanks to you

I consider myself a religious person. However, my faith in religions and the Bible grows weaker every year.  I see little good in attending to both of them. Adam Carolla says that they have become more harm than good and to a certain degree I agree with him. I’ve just realized that part of my … Continue reading Losing my Religion- Thanks to you

Marriage is Like Trucks

The practice of marriage existed long before Christianity was ever created. Before Judaism was ever created, and before Zoroastrianism, and most all religious systems. Marriage was created by Pagans. It's not a Christian religious institution. So, in theory, the "author" or "authorized" practice of marriage belongs to the ancient Pagan cultures. This presents quite a … Continue reading Marriage is Like Trucks