The Great Wall of Jesus

I have been thinking about China and Jesus. Wondering wouldn’t God have done more good by having his son born to a Chinese woman. If God loves humans, then wouldn’t he want to gather as many of them as He could. 

I thought about counter-arguments- what a religious person that took the Bible as…well…gospel. They might argue that Eden was in the middle east and thus that is why the Jewish people, the people of God were in that area. That the Jewish people were the chosen.  However, That God means he chooses who he loves and thus does not love everybody.

That’s another conundrum though.  If the Jewish people, which became Christian people are descendants of Adam and Eve that explains why Jesus was born in Jerusalem. But aren’t all people from Adam and Eve? Asian people? Did God lose track of them. If the Jewish people knew about Eden, then so should all cultures. They could not lose all traces of their history in 6000 years. Why would God let them.


Why would God give the Jewish people guidance with Moses and the prophets, but not provide any guidance for other nationalities to reject. If the Jewish people were the chosen people, then we are in trouble because we are not Jewish.


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