What if abortion was treated like homelessness and hunger?

Conservatives and Liberals alike are involved in feeding people and providing shelter. Some people judge a person coming to a food pantry, but most people do not. They give their time and money without hesitation.  They do not ask how they became homeless. Only can we help you?

What if we approached women with an unwanted pregnancy like that? Just as we have man warming shelters and many, many food banks, it was common to have a place for a woman to go for help? If we were to change society so that they were valued and not judged for their predicament, they would seek out more options. Would there still be abortions? Yes. There were before 1973.

You say, we have food pantries and warming shelters and yet we still have hunger and homelessness. But I don’t think the resources for them are as much as those used in the name abortions.  If we could stop fighting about abortions, both sides would be free and richer to do something about it.

In the end, we provide food and shelter for those that need it. We want them to do things differently. Yet, we support them and believe that is the way to change things. I am only suggesting we do the same with abortions.


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