The Great Wall of Jesus

I have been thinking about China and Jesus. Wondering wouldn’t God have done more good by having his son born to a Chinese woman. If God loves humans, then wouldn’t he want to gather as many of them as He could.  I thought about counter-arguments- what a religious person that took the Bible as...well...gospel. They … Continue reading The Great Wall of Jesus


Thoughts after church after a long absence

The Bible makes it clear.  You are only allowed to love, not to judge. If people like Mike Pence have to voice their religious view that homosexuality is wrong, they must give it the balance it is due.  By that mean, if they want to spend ten minutes on gay people, they must first preach … Continue reading Thoughts after church after a long absence

God only Works Through People

In the infancy of Christianity, it grew like wildfire. Romans persecuted Christians, but many people still converted to it. Because Christians had an impact on their lives. Christians were dedicated to helping people and taught that the poor were to be helped  There are mostly Christians that do good works, but too many of them … Continue reading God only Works Through People