Chat Her Up

Last weekend, after dealing with a talkative best buy employee, my daughter talked about how women had to deal with attention. Men finding reasons to engage with a female and chat her up based on their looks and that they are female.  She stated just as a fact of life.

I think I have always been sensitive to this. I always thought that that woman (girl depending on my age) was getting enough attention.  She didn’t need another guy giving her attention just because she has nice looks.

To be honest, the reason I most likely did that because I did the attention math.  With so many men vying for her attention, a better looking guy was going to win out so why bother.

Is it another truth that the pretty woman ended up with an uggo? Perhaps, but I also could not display the confidence that might attract a woman either.

In my book The Tao of Apathy, I even addressed this with a character who had a name, but was often called “The pretty housekeeper.”  Don’t worry, I did make her a three dimensional, powerful woman. However, she represents the way a pretty woman gets attention at work.

I remember working at a place and a guy telling me of this hot college girl that worked at a factory of the summer.  When it came time for her to go back to school, she got a party and a cake.  At the same time was a guy that retired.  He didn’t get any of that.

I think my daughter is reporting accurately about this. This is where things start and it leads to sexual harassment.


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