Pandemic Biopsy

The pandemic made us miss things we should not have missed. Perhaps we would do things differently next time. Yet we should understand that our sacrifices seem insignificant because it worked. We did not go on a vacation and make a memory, but people are alive because we did.

The pandemic has been a hardship on too many. But I don’t believe it was to take our freedoms away. I think we have been gaslit into making us believe that. The words freedom and living in fear are said as trigger words for an emotional reaction instead of an objective one.

The pandemic kept me from living life to the fullest. I’ve gone too long without seeing my daughter and saw my parents too few times. But we live in a time when we can still connect to people. Most things that fell away were just things. Restaurant meals and overpriced beers on uncomfortable stools. Those were replaced by walks, email chains with conversations I would not have otherwise, and the comfort of my backyard.

Weddings and funerals and graduations missed are a bummer. But they are not a tragedy. People passing away alone was a tragedy. Perhaps we learned it would be less of a tragedy to say and do those things for people before they are on their deathbed. If you believe the herd immunity was the route to go, then you were asking for different kinds of tragedy.

Some businesses closed. I feel we should have kept them open to provide income to people that needed it. But as individuals, it is an interesting experiment in staying in and staying sober. In stripping away the distractions so that real conversations could take place. If they didn’t that wasn’t because of the quarantine. 

The pandemic has taught me that I am missing out on not connecting with people and not having adventures. But the thing that kept me from doing that was not the pandemic. It was inertia. It was the cost. It was Netflix and naps. 

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