Yes and Other Poems

Please enjoy and share these poems of mine.

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Thomas Cannon


Yes I want you back in my life
Yes I’ve got questions that
Yes I know you don’t want to talk about
Yes I know that is my fault
Yes I want things back to normal
Yes I want things to be like they were, but
Yes, its seems like a conversation is needed
Yes is my answer if you ask me to skip it
Yes, having you around is all I need
Yes I think you need more
Yes I think not clearing the air is not saying
Yes to life, but so is this nothing, this sadness
Yes, this makes me sad
Yes I will keep it to myself because
Yes, I don’t want to burden you
Yes Its because I want happiness for you
Yes I will stop this uncomfortable conversation, if
Yes is your answer to coming back.

Furrowed Rows

While I…

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