Consider The Opposite of Your Beliefs

I wanted to do a blog on the topic of challenging your hostile thoughts. Well, I already have one. The title of it is What is your best advice?

I just want to expand on it. We have many thoughts. And because our brain is always looking for ways to keep us safe, it looks for the negative.

Not only looks for the negative, it sells us on it. Like an advertisement, those thoughts pop us often. It targets our most vulnerable parts. It has an answer for competing, positive thoughts.

So, when you have a hostile thought- towards yourself, loved ones, and coworkers, imagine a scenario where the opposite could be true.

Thought:  My SO only doesn’t love me anymore.

Could it be they are going through something. That they believe the same about you. Imagine that they are overwelmed at work and having a bout of depression. Could that be true?

Thought:  Nobody likes me because I am a terrible person.

Look for ways that you are a good person. Look for people that do like you. Think of the time you spend with people.  List the good things you do.

You may need have a lot to work on yourself. But identifying the positive, you have something to build on.


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